The Multiple Dimensions of Performance Testing In E-Commerce

All websites, big or small, have downtime, and there are disruptions, however negligible. Be it payment gateway downtime, app crashes or server issues, the fact of the matter is, when the load gets heavy or the traffic is pouring in, website applications and mobile applications tend to face severe performance issues. How websites prepare for such mishaps and their general up-time is what varies.


Performance testing and monitoring helps derive insights to improve the overall performance.

E-commerce plays a huge role in the daily lifestyle of its customers. According to a report released by Forrester a few years ago, the growth rates of rapidly growing mature e-commerce markets of China and India were predicted to be 25% and 57%, respectively, by the end of 2016.

The Forrester report titled, “TRENDS IN INDIA’S E-COMMERCE MARKET” which was published in August 2012, talks about how the trend of online shopping is catching fast, and how many upper- and middle-class consumers are looking to avail the benefits of online grocery shopping. The report points out that, while online payments were then only beginning to gain popularity, failure and inconsistencies of payment gateways still amounted to a staggering 35% failure rate. The performance of the IT systems has to be continually reinforced to match the ‘difficult to predict’ user activity.

Traditionally, the performance testing approach usually follows the following procedure:

  • Key Scenarios Identification
  • Load Environment Setup
  • Scripts Designing
  • Load Generation
  • Monitoring, and
  • Reporting

E-Commerce companies need to work with different partners to digitally strategize their businesses and ensure that they continue to delight consumers with their products and services. Testing needs to be in the form of continuous integration, so that websites and mobile applications can deliver services as guaranteed. In the age of DevOps, Quality Assurance is incorporated in all stages of the software life cycle and dedicated collaboration from cross-functional teams is required to design seamless software.


Cigniti built a dedicated Center of Excellence (TCoE) for Performance Testing in order to produce performance testing value creators. Our performance testing consultants understand systems, networks and software architecture. In addition, Cigniti has created ready-to-use test accelerators and solutions across different platforms in the retail domain, leveraging Digital and Retail Test Center of Excellence and Domain Competency Group (DCG).


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