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ERP Testing: Gain Competitive Advantage For Your Business!

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is software that essentially runs a business. It helps the business run as one unit by holding together all the data generated, based on which business decisions are taken in various departments. From established organizations to promising start-ups, ERP plays a major role in ensuring that a business can hold on to its Sustained Competitive Advantage. The figure below describes exactly how ERP ensures that an organization maintains its competitive advantage. (Source)


Although ERP was initially used mainly for the manufacturing companies in abundance, it now includes various departments, such as:

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Human Resources
  • Supply-Chain Management

There are more start-ups now than ever, surfacing to life due to the vast data available and hence, the scope of the services that can be provided is also, vast and varied. Web services are ensuring utilization of ERP for precisely this reason. Organizations are responsible for providing ERP software and also managing inventory, delivery, and logistics. In turn, they employ third-party vendors and train them in order to use the platform effectively, ensuring the services reach their clients.

New requirements that would need the companies to develop a critical new feature in the mobile application would imply:

  • A potential delay in trainings and also,
  • A delay in the releasing of the product to the end users.

A plausible solution to a problem of this kind would be to implement “Agile methodology” or the “Lean method”. Owing to the large scalability and criticality of the project, testing it at every stage becomes crucial and can even amount to about 50% of the budget of the total project. The testing discipline as part of the ERP implementation projects consists typically of the following types of testing:

  • User acceptance testing,
  • System to system integration testing
  • Sub-system integration testing

In case of ERP systems that must trigger interfaces to export or import to or from legacy systems, the focus is on end-user experience and the output generated. Successful ERP implementation rests on testing and authentication of the software. Implementation of the ERP package by an organization also involves customization of the package according to organization requirements in the first place.

 In Conclusion

Cigniti Technologies Limited offers superior testing services that effectively automate and accelerate ERP implementations. Cigniti is actively involved in shift-left testing and supports the concept of performance engineering, rather than performance testing.

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