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Pokémon Go ‘Stresses’: Why is Performance Testing Crucial?

As per a recent article by Everest Group, Pokémon Go’s usage time is recorded to be even higher than that for applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat!

The Economist recently covered an article about how nerds are reigning across cyberspace as developers, with ever-more-clever virtual alliances. With booming e-commerce and marketplace aggregators helping the economy of developing countries grow, however, more population is finding way to not just a higher standard of lifestyle, but also a more intellectual one. With the usage of more sophisticated technology, there is a new-found appreciation for the aspect of augmented-reality in gaming. More people have begun to take to the idea of being a real player in a virtual world. The latest obsession in this regard has of course been Pokémon Go. It is a clever game, where your mobile phone uses the GPS and the internet to hide a Pokémon in and around your physical vicinity.

The application has many features that demand accuracy and encourage a person to use their resources wisely. When a Pokémon is located, for example, a Poké Ball has to be accurately flung in order to capture the Pokémon. Another attribute of the game is how it almost feels like a treasure hunt, with virtual characters hiding all around the player. While some have been lucky to locate a Pokémon in their own house or quite nearby, some others have traveled on foot, on an average up to 4 kilometers, in order to locate a Pokémon.

This application stands testament (at least so far) to how well things can go if the right kind of tools, and knowledge about how to use them, are held firmly in place. Even before the game was released, it was widely anticipated. Be it Niantic Labs, The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, technology developing and testing organizations, android phones, digital stores, e-commerce companies, advertising companies, bloggers or YouTubers, several businesses are profiting from the success of the product.

Why Performance Testing and Rather Performance Engineering:

Performance testing focuses on establishing a benchmark for the behavioral pattern of a particular system. Rather than finding defects, the objective of performance testing is to set a standard for the application. Perhaps because performance testing comes under this notion, many businesses ignore the importance of setting aside time to work solely on performance of their product. They habitually jump into action only after a phenomenal ‘fail’ occurs; often involving disappointment from end-users, the actual intended customers.

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Load testing and stress testing, often referred to as “testing cousins”, are sub-categories of performance testing. Load testing determines how much load results in smooth performance and what defects are likely to arise due to an overload. Despite its popularity, Pokémon Go has also faced criticism for several technical glitches. In the age of mobile applications, performance testing becomes crucial, because the number of transactions per application per user increase tenfold.


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