Digital Testing

Why is Testing so important in retail and how to do it right?


The online retail market is growing significantly around the world. More so, retailers across the globe are transforming their relationships with their customers by offering an omnichannel shopping experience. Have a look at the infographic “Globe Online Retail Spending” for latest statistics and trends.

“Consumers want what they want when they shop. Those needs include attractive prices; convenience; great customer service; and quick, if not immediate, gratification.” – PwC’s 2015 Survey of Shoppers

The success of omnichannel retailing is assessed by the integration of digital and non-digital channels, and the security, performance and delivery that it offers. So as to achieve success in Omnichannel, retailers must look into their retail systems through the eyes of the consumer with an aim to enhance their experience across all the channels available.

Testing of Omnichannel, mobile retail systems or apps has become crucial to provide a consistent, seamless, and integrated customer experience. Here are the different types of testing that must be implemented for successful omnichannel retailing initiatives:

  • Mobile testing – ensures functionality, performance, usability and consistency of your mobile applications that enable business.
  • Compatibility testing – helps determine whether your software application or product functions correctly across different browsers, database, hardware, operating systems, mobile devices and networks.
  • Functional testing – confirms each component of your Omnichannel retail system functions in line with the requirements/specifications
  • Load & Performance testing – evaluates the end-user experience under varying amounts of traffic and the impact of different load and usage patterns on your system
  • eCommerce testing – assures smarter, faster and secure eCommerce experience to your customers
  • Digital QA – ensures successful digital transformation through a bundle of testing services for your digital retail initiatives. It includes – Omnichannel testing, Customer experience testing, Cyber Security QA, Analytics Validation and Continuous testing

Cigniti has been working closely with renowned clients from retail industry across the globe on testing their Omnichannel initiatives.  Write to us to know how we can help you improve performance and functionality of your retail systems.


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