Agile Testing

9 things successful sponsors of [ Agile] Transformations do


Rajendra Prasad Thota, Global Practice Head – Advisory & Transformation at Cigniti in this post says that advisor, has immensely benefited from the experiences of working closely with many sponsors who have transform-ed their organizations successfully. Raj has compiled the below list based on his experiences.

  1. Vision

The executive leadership team who is investing the money is fully made aware of why the organization needs to transform into an agile way of working and what kind of support is required of them.

  1. Business Case
  • ready to take help of external consultants who can bring in an outside-in view to help in benchmarking / mapping the best practices of the industry
  • ready to do a check on the readiness, agility, scalability and capability of their teams for transformation
  1. Models of Engagement
  • Deciding on how to manage the transformation program
  • Plan the sourcing models
  • Design a model of engagement
  1. Communication
  • Cross functional silos / teams who are at odds with each other to work together
  • To showcase how a transformed organization can look like to all the impacted stakeholder
  1. The Team
  • Is composed of A-team members on the journey
  • Creates the necessary transparency and required diplomacy to bring in the change
  • Is aware of the impact on their roles in the transformed organization
  1. Consumers
  • Create transparency on the progress and publish metrics of transformation to the impacted teams on a regular basis
  • Support the transition to the new ways of working
  • Continuously train new skills / capabilities required to move into an agile world
  1. Retrospectives

Successful sponsors encourage the transformation teams to do retrospectives all through the implementation journey.

  1. Celebrate

Finally, successful sponsors ensure that the transform’ed’ organization celebrates the journey with the teams.

  1. Checklist!

And, successful sponsors, aka the transformers have a checklist to start with!


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