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5 Mobile Testing Tools that will help you improve ROI


The convergences of the internet and mobile technologies and their increasing usage have paved the way for the enterprises to do their business via mobile applications ever more. Mobile apps have become the key enablers of business for enterprises across industries.

In today’s digital business world, improving customer experience is an essential factor to success, driving enterprises to invest in mobile application development and testing. Therefore, Mobile application testing has become crucial to ensure a flawless, smooth customer experience.

By the end of 2017, market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT”

Here is an overview of 5 Mobile Testing tools that offer quicker time to market and improved ROI

  1. Experitest’s tools, HP certified applications, covers functional testing, performance  testing and cloud testing ensuring security, maintainability, and portability of tests. Experitest’s SeeTest tools enable integration into the HP eco-system and other ALM environments and support all mobile OSs say iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, and Blackberry.

2.    TestPlant has gained popularity for its eggPlant tools in the context of increasing adoption of agile and DevOps practices in software development. eggPlant tools offer wide-ranging support right from design, development, to test and management of software applications.

3.   SmartBear is the best-fit there and offers a broad range of testing tools for test automation, test management, performance testing for web / mobile apps and websites

4.   Xamarin created a framework called Calabash that automates and tests any iOS or Android or Windows app, native or hybrid. Tests can be run on hundreds of devices at a time representing a different combination of screen resolutions and platform versions.

5.  ZAPTEST is known for its ‘script once, play anywhere’ offering. It reduces development and maintenance efforts and costs of test automation framework by executing singular scripts for testing applications on any OS / platform – be it iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry.

For successful mobile testing, enterprises need a reliable testing partner with deep domain expertise and right skills set. Cigniti has partnerships with a number of best of breed testing tool vendors that help to offer quicker time to market and ROI to our clients.


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