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Continuous Test Improvements in the Age of DevOps


Many companies have adopted agile processes in pursuit of faster releases. So the next logical step to this is DevOps. Now every other organization wants to jump on to the DevOps bandwagon.

In this blog, Moin Syed, Associate Director – Advisory & Transformation Services at Cigniti Inc., explains the importance of continuous testing and how it enables test improvements in a DevOps model.

Continuous Testing in DevOps

Continuous testing in the context of DevOps should take a test-first approach, which will help measure test coverage to check that software features work as expected. It will help in finding if changes would break the existing test suites. And also, help the project teams to focus on what they need to deliver.

As part of continuous testing, test teams can also benefit with ‘Exploratory Testing’ by simultaneously understanding the system, designing the tests and executing the tests. This will add value to the test automation by actively exploring the system without a script to learn how the system behaves in unanticipated ways.

Continuous Test Improvements

The continuous test improvement can set thresholds for each test phase that determine whether failures are significant enough to revert the changes or it is necessary to stop the DevOps cycles long enough to fix the problems. Test first driven development,  behavior-driven development concepts allow test processes to improve in a DevOps Model.

Test improvements enhance real-time assessments and continuous measurements to refine the development process so that business expectations are continuously met.

Rea d this blog to know how continuous testing is a great complement to the DevOps movement


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