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Is Model Driven Development (MDD) panacea to IT Development?


The Software is driving every kind of business and technology (IoT, Agile, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data & Big testing) across creation of products and their operations. High software development costs have a significant monetary impact, and bad software design impairs the productivity which has serious consequences.

The evolution of software engineering is characterized by the methodology proposals aiming to answer these questions channeled as how to produce working software and derivatives of it, according to the customer needs.

Ram Krishna Annavazala, Lead Test Consultant – Advisory & Transformation Services at Cigniti Technologies, gives an overview of MDD and its advantages here in this post.

Model Driven Development – An Overview

MDD helps users visually interpret complex applications. Interest is ever increasing in the model with the ease of features to use and speed to deploy applications. The model provides higher productivity over traditional development methods with smaller teams. Candidates for simulation or finding compatibility are demonstrated in the examples below.

Advantages of MDD

  • Higher speed of development through automation
  • Enhances software quality through structured software architecture
  • Higher re-usability through defined architectures, modeling languages and transformations.

Cigniti’s Advisory and Transformation Services bring together industry expertise & best practices to assess and re-engineer your QA processes.

Contact us to know more about our testing services that can help you manage your software testing challenges.


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