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Top 5 Agile Techniques You Need To Adopt


Agile is going global as many organizations worldwide are using agile techniques in some way or the other. Organizations that adopt agile practices in every possible way for their projects will certainly witness significant improvements in the quality of the product, time to market and customer satisfaction.

Top 5 reasons for adopting agile practices and top 5 benefits achieved by adopting agile

 1. Accelerate product delivery (62%)
2. Enhance ability to manage changing priorities (56%)
3. Increase productivity (55%)
4. Enhance software quality (47%)

5. Enhance delivery predictability(44%)

Top 5 Benefits achieved by Adopting Agile

1. Ability to manage changing priorities (87%)

2. Increased team productivity (85%)
3. Improved project visibility (84%)
4. Increased team morale/motivation (81%)
5. Better delivery predictability (81%)

Top 5 Agile Techniques and Their Importance:

  1. Daily Standup: Daily standups put accountability to the team members by making reporting compulsory about what they completed yesterday in the presence of their peers. It puts a check on the team member who is doing the same thing and not making any progress.
  1. Prioritized backlogs are a list of prioritized tasks that agile teams rely on for guidance to proceed with their work.
  1. Short iterations help agile teams manage the complexity of the larger projects by breaking it down into smaller tasks following well-defined acceptance criteria.
  1. Retrospectives assist the team to understand what did work well, and what didn’t. Certainly, retrospectives are not the meetings just for complaints without any action. Agile teams use retrospectives to understand and learn what’s working so that the team can keep their focus on those areas
  1. Iteration planning is a process to organize the work and define a realistic scope for each iteration. It is one of the key mechanisms which enables the team to discuss and agree on a set of stories (the primary artifacts used to define system behavior in agile development) for the next iteration and encapsulates the stories into a set of iteration goals.

Please read the full post –Top 5 Agile Techniques  you need to adopt to know how Cigniti, follow agile practices for software testing. To know more about how agile practices help you achieve improved business outcomes, drop a note at


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