Software testing

Accelerate Software Delivery by implementing continuous testing


As part of this innovation, software development teams are finding innovative ways to increase agility and testing teams are making sure that quality software is developed and tested thoroughly at the same speed.

In this article, Kalyan Kumar Ghattu, Senior Consultant – Advisory and Transformation Services with Cigniti Technologies has emphasized on “How Continuous Testing Can Help Accelerate Software Delivery”.

What are the essential elements needed for Continuous Testing?

If organizations want to accelerate software delivery, they must re-evaluate their current testing practices. Organizations will have to truly consider re-engineering the software quality process as they begin to transform to Continuous Testing.

The following elements are necessary for achieving Continuous Testing:

Risk Assessment:

Assessing the project risk up front is the best practice by which we measure whether we have done enough testing and allowed the software towards release.

Requirements Traceability:

In an iteration or a major release, some tests are more important than the other test cases. Identifying and prioritizing these test cases can effectively prevent defects from downstream processes.


You must focus on Shift-Left quality practices from day one of the project in order to identify problems in software development by moving testing earlier in the delivery lifecycle.

Read the full post to know how continuous testing enables organizations to deliver quality software


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