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An Overview of Cloud Computing & The Importance of Cloud Testing


Cloud computing offers economic advantages, speed, agility, scalability, accessibility and flexibility and innovation.  Organizations have started to look at cloud computing as a strategic move that impacts their businesses, rather than just as a cost-effective approach.

The Factors to Consider While Adopting Cloud Computing

The process of cloud adoption begins with identifying the right cloud provider, transitioning client servers / web server hosted systems to the cloud, and finally implementing suitable automation / third-party tools to enable migration, all the while giving importance to testing to ensure that the data, software or applications migrated to or hosted on cloud work as intended.

Below are the three major factors to be considered while adopting cloud:

  • Organizations have to evaluate the suitability of deployment models available – private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud
  • Similarly, Organizations need to assess the three cloud service models- SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS – available in the market for their business.
  • Cloud computing involves five essential characteristics – on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity and measured service. Organizations going for cloud adoption have to consider the availability of these characteristics as well.

The Challenges of Adopting Cloud Computing

Organizations benefit significantly by adopting cloud computing if they can mitigate the substantial challenges of transitioning to a cloud model. Some of such challenges are:

  • Complying with cloud-specific requirements by redesigning the application architecture
  • Determining delivery mechanisms for the cloud
  • Dealing with issues such as data migration, performance, availability, and scalability
  • Ensuring data security, accessibility, and privacy

Importance of Cloud Testing

Below are some aspects of cloud testing that help organizations offer high-quality services to their customers:

  • Stress testing, Performance testing and Load testing of applications hosted on the cloud by generating loads as necessary leveraging cloud environment
  • Security testing of an application hosted on the cloud to know if the security framework provided is accurate or not

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