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Agile + DevOps – The Road Ahead – Part 2


If one has to deconstruct this new world of Agile and DevOps – it is interesting to note that both are explorative and experimentation of sorts!  Our previous blog post – Agile+DevOps: New Roads, New Wheels & the art of Continuous Learning – Part 1, by Rajendra Prasad Thota, Practice Head – Advisory & Transformation Services at Cigniti, discussed how an IT organization should identify the critical challenges and right organizational change levers that need to be deployed in creating and delivering the value.

So, what are the pillars and bridges of Dev & Ops?

In continuation to his previous post, Rajendra Prasad Thota, in this post, throws light on few more challenges in going from point A to Point B, Organizational change management, the last mile challenge and how a comprehensive assessment for agile / DevOps can help the transformation journey.

As we know, the DevOps world builds on the principles of CAMS [Culture, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing]. M – the measure is the real key to drive not just decisions, but the new behaviors too. How a sprint velocity is measured and tracked determines teams’ new learning and the way the productivity is shown.

We have met the enemy. It is us! [From The Phoenix Project]

It is a no-brainer that any major initiative will fail if ‘people practices’ are found wanting in the first place. Rightly said, the first obstacle to any change initiative is mostly within the teams itself. It all boils down to the culture of change.

Read the full post here – Agile + DevOps – The Road Ahead – Part 2. Raj (as he is popularly known) describes the critical factors for getting the wheels of speed and quality into action in this post.


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