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3 Digital Assurance Intervention Areas in Retail


Retail is considered to be only customer centric, focused on increasing the shopping experience, increasing scope of choice, etc. of the consumers. However, to increase this customer loyalty it requires intense operational management blended with the high end sophisticated technology. On the backend, software intervention is extensively required for resource and value chain management, distribution, inventory of stocks, and back office processes.

B2C e-commerce sales are expected to reach $ 1.92 trillion and Retail Industry is highly dependable on Operations with low profit margins.

The role of digital in retail industry can be segmented in to three levels – Customer centric, Stakeholder management, and social commerce.

Customer Centric:       

Retailers are redefining the shopping experience by transforming to digital at POS. Self-service kiosks, multiple payments modes, customer relationship management modules and loyalty programs are high visibility and utilized applications.

An incredible bulk of product information is accessible online, and the right information has to reach the right audience at the right time. It can be ensured through Functional testing of the applications at Omni-channel.

Social Commerce:

74% of consumers rely on social media for making a buying decision. According to reports, 4 in 10 social media users have purchased an item online or in-store after sharing it or marking it as a favourite on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Stakeholder level:

Customers are demanding more options and greater comparison. This involves inventory of both product and human resources for the Company. Quality Assurance in Big Data Analytics help ensure meeting the needs of customers anywhere, anytime, and in the form required.

Cigniti’s testing expertise helps you ensure an innovative and cost-effective shopping experience. Cigniti has experience of working with:

  • US-based world leading fast food restaurant franchises
  • Companies having 2000 boutiques in 80 countries
  • US-based wholesale grocery supply companies

…..and many more.

For knowing how Cigniti can assist you in your growth, drop a line to 



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