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Agile+DevOps: New Roads, New Wheels & the art of Continuous Learning


In the age of customer, it is now imperative that IT leaders think about the following questions before embarking on this new journey toward Agile | DevOps:

  1. Is Business getting the right value at the right speed? Is there a common currency between IT and Business for measuring the effectiveness of the collaboration?
  2. How do I move from point A to point B in this new world and what organizational levers / capabilities should be built to bring dollars to deployments?

Speed of Quality: Faster deploys are the new normal

Increasingly Business is looking up to IT to become a differentiator to lead key business initiatives at the speed of competition, especially with the new tribe of CIO, CMO, and CDO who are riding the mega wave of digital transformation. Given this, the trio of speed, quality, and cost that ruled the project world with a constrained choice of ‘pick any two’ no longer work. While the markets are changing at the speed of consumers’ whims, the ability to monetize this with IT’s capability is very critical in today’s world. Amazon deploys every 11.6 seconds. Speed, now, is the new fuel!

So, how do you ensure that your business is getting the right value at the right speed? 

Rajendra Prasad Thota, Practice Head – Advisory & Transformation Services, Cigniti Technologies provides insights into how a typical IT Organization should go about embracing the new worlds of Agile | DevOps. In his blog – Agile+DevOps: New Roads, New Wheels & the art of Continuous Learning- Part 1 – he explains how an IT organization should identify the critical challenges and right organizational change levers that need to be deployed in creating and delivering the value.


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