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The Challenges of IoT Testing And How To Overcome Them

While innovators and inventors are busy thinking and creating gadgets for improving our lives, testing professionals are going all out to keep a check on the safe functioning of the smart tools. To ensure that all things IoT do not have any performance, security, or functionality issues, the testers (and developers) need to think strategically and smartly.

Considering software is what keeps a smart tool working seamlessly, a lot of organizations today pay very close attention to the use of proper test automation platforms. These platforms are intelligent and adaptable enough to keep pace with the latest changes such as newer protocols and technologies.


While implementing strategic, fool-proof steps to test IoT solutions that help save costs and effort, organizations may face the following challenges:

  1. Lack of expertise in all the aspects of the technology being used to create the IoT solution
  2. Availability and implementation of platforms and tools that may be used for  testing the multiple scenarios

To overcome the aforesaid challenges, you must clearly define the following:

  1. All protocols as to how will data be received or transmitted.
  2. How other systems will be integrated with your current system?
  3. All the functions and features that need to be tested

It is important for any organization to not only adopt end-to-end testing practices, but also to choose a reliable service provider who can comprehensively address each dimension as captured above. An experienced partner like Cigniti Technologies will help an organization achieve reduced time to market

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