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Importance of Quality Assurance for Retail Majors


The importance of quality may be understood from the fact that most large retailers that can afford to advertise via the multiple media formats available, try to focus their ads around the quality of their goods. The quality tests become even more stringent in case the goods need to be exported.

Total Quality Assurance (TQA) helps provide a more encompassing approach towards tackling similar issues – and hence is more useful for satisfying customers’ needs.

TQA documents the processes that must be followed across the hierarchy, and helps to define better planning, actions that are required to be taken by the management, agreements with key stakeholders – suppliers and distributors

7 Tips to Implement Good Total Quality Assurance (TQA) Practices

  1. Define and document the exact quality expectations – both explicit and implicit – for your retail business.
  2. Specify, and follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for improving the quality of the products at every production step.
  3. Ensure that all steps related to a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) are met.
  4. Ensure that your employees are well trained for maintaining QC control so that they become more responsible and accountable.
  5. Introduce standard automation in all areas possible to reduce the scope of human errors.
  6. Advertise your promise for guarantee of quality control in as many places as possible.
  7. Ask for direct feedback from customers to improve your quality control practices.

Benefits of Total Quality Assurance (TQA)

  1. All problems are identified, their cause is analyzed, practical and proper solutions are suggested, and that the feedback is implemented
  2. There is a centralized, documented process that specifies the roles, procedures, and responsibilities of the various stakeholders.
  3. There is seamless communication across the board.

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