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Top 3 Disruptive Digital Trends in Retail You Need to Know

Disruptive-Digital-trends-in-RetailRETAIL has been a fast-evolving industry with emerging technologies empowering customers to shop anything, anywhere, anytime. This requires tight integration across the channels to offer seamless customer experience. Customers are much more informed than earlier to take buying decisions.

As the retail industry continues to grow and is throwing a huge market opportunity, retailers need to be forward-thinking and leverage the emerging digital trends, shaping up the market, to be successful.

  • Mobile will continue to play a bigger role in the retail industry

The growing adoption of smartphones is posing an opportunity to retailers to tap the market. Customers are choosing to shop then and there which is giving rise to mobile commerce.

Mobile applications have emerged as the key enablers of business. Testing of mobile applications for functional and non-functional aspects have become very important to avoid any lapse and offer improved customer experience and to upkeep brand image

Omni-channel retailing has become one of the key initiatives to tap the market potential. It requires tight integration of all the channels that enable shopping – Physical store, mobile, social media, web, emails, etc. to offer a unified customer experience.

  • Retailers are looking into the IoT to improve the shopping experience for customers

Retailers embracing IoT will have an opportunity to develop an immensely improved ecosystem that connects the physical and digital world, enabling real-time interaction with customers both inside and outside the store.

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