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E-commerce testing services by leading Independent software testing Company

ecommerce_website_testing18Leading analyst Gartner predicts “By 2015, over 50% of organizations that derive more than 10% of their business online will roll out e-Commerce as a transformational initiative, up from 20% in 2012”.

Over the last decade, how internet is being leveraged and used has undergone a major shift with the advent of Smart Phones and Tablet Computers. This shift has caused a “Big Transformation” in the eCommerce industry as it has dramatically changed consumer behavior and moved them away from transacting traditionally.

Multi-channel commerce consisting of mCommerce and Social-Commerce is also grabbing equal attention of the consumers fuelled by enterprises’ “Mobile First” strategy.

An ecommerce platform also requires to seamlessly integrate with Payment Systems, Supply Chain, ERP, Warehouse Management, POS, and other applications in the Enterprise ecosystem.

The major mental block for online purchases is Security as the consumers are required to provide their personal and banking related information while executing a transaction. Cigniti Security Testing CoE provides an end-to-end security testing solution ranging from Penetration Testing through Readiness check for PCI DSS certification.

Why Cigniti?

Cigniti is confident of delivering a “World-Class” testing solution through the means of the following levers:

  • UI and User Experience Testing
  • Holiday Readiness Testing
  • PCI Preparedness

Read this article to know about the eCommerce testing and how Cigniti as a Independent Software testing company helps you in delivering world class testing solutions and write to us at


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