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The 5 Myths of Security Testing you should stop believing

The 5 myths of security testingAn organization that wants to establish credibility in today’s world – whether in the field of IoT, Mobile Apps, or the regular (but much needed) Software Development – has to invest in its security Testing department. This is not an option, but the need of the hour. To survive – and to beat the competition – an app has to have fool proof security.

Myths, ironically as it may sound, are usually a result of too much focus being put on the so-called “best practices” available for every function and role. Organizations that have a blind faith on these myths often fall prey to wastage of efforts and resources – and end up with products that are not as secure as they ought to be.

This blog lists five of these common myths and tries to debunk them.

1: Penetration Testing Finds (and Solves) all Major Weaknesses

Pen testing is not something that can (or will) solve all problems related to software security – and it should not be treated as a one-stop shop for all your vulnerabilities. Even after a pen test is performed, a few issues may remain well hidden only to resurface at a later point in time, when it will be far more costly to resolve them.

2: Security is the Solo Responsibility of Developers – or a Single Department

Security Testing is not the responsibility of a single group. Rather, a group of people from the development, quality, and testing departments must come together – a la DevOps – and create a software security group (SSG)

3: Perimeter (read Network) Security is Enough to Defend Applications

The real solution is to make sturdy, fully-secure applications that may cannot be hacked into.

4: Compliance with Internal Standards Is a Guarantee of Security

Most standards only touch the surface of the aspect of security as they have been laid down to achieve some other, very specific goals.

5: “We don’t have a software security problem.”

In fact, organizations that do not pay heed to the security needs in fact are endangering a huge amount of private data – which may result in an irreplaceable loss of trust and confidence of the customers.

Cigniti offers Security Testing Services that ensure an organization’s reputation, privacy of sensitive data, customer confidence, and also trust.

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