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Cigniti Ensures a Secure Online Existence


“You’re in Hackerville here on the Internet. Period. … All of this stuff lacks formal discipline.” ~ Randy Bush, a computer scientist who specializes in routing security.

Internet today offers unlimited growth options and opportunities for increasing efficiency at reduced cost – whichever industry you may be a part of. To say we are all living in a digital world would be stating a fact. To say that we are living in a digital world that may put our existence in jeopardy, is a reality.

Data theft is always very harmful – whether the data is related to tangible (financial, sensitive data) or intangible (branding) assets of an organization. Even though there are legal bodies like the Data Protection Registrar that have been established to take legal action or file civil damage suits against organizations/hackers that breach this obligation, a damage once done can hardly be ever reversed.

When a security breach happens, some common losses faced by organizations and individuals alike can take the form of:

  • Direct Financial Loss
  • Loss of Reputation
  • Legal Repercussions

With Hackers always on the prowl to exploit the vulnerabilities of information on the Web – whether internal (for the consumption of the organization) or external (for public consumption) – Security too has to be managed that encompasses both the areas.

The Solution – Testing

Security testing of internet solutions needs to provide two fundamental services:

  • Ensure that Security controls at all stages of the project cycle are cost effective.
  • Implement infrastructural design to allow secure operation.

Security Testing Solutions from Cigniti Technologies

Cigniti has built capabilities, knowledge repositories, and test accelerators leveraging the experience of working on over 100 engagements using latest industry standards and proprietary testing methodologies.

Cigniti also offers an in-depth security analysis supported by comprehensive reports and dashboards, along with remedial measures for any issues found. Cigniti has deep expertise in Security Testing of web applications, mobile applications, software products, and web services, both on the premise and over the cloud.


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