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Is Your Business Ready To Face The Challenges Of Digital Testing?

“To consistently meet or exceed customers’ expectations, firms must take a systematic approach to digital customer experience management… For firms to turn their digital customer experience into a sustainable source of competitive advantage, they must define a digital customer experience strategy and introduce robust tools and repeatable methodologies to support it.”- Forrester

Today, digital trends are the mode of preference as opposed to traditional media and publishing. The customer usage patterns are richly seen on Web and Mobile-based media, which is the primary cause of this new paradigm. This major shift is urging organizations across verticals especially in BFSI, Retail, ecommerce, HCLS, Travel, and Hospitality et al to adapt to Digital Trends.

The challenges faced by any organization transforming to Digital Trends are:

  • Possibility of disruption
  • Complex Integration with Legacy and Digital Trends
  • Trust and Retention
  • Allocation of Budgets

Cigniti has developed checklists, testlets, frameworks, processes, methodologies and best practices to ensure effective and efficient validations using the 5 – QA initiatives

Cigniti’ methodologies, techniques, and specialists ensure that the application is thoroughly validated for User Experience covering responsive web design patterns, screen resolutions, accessibility, usability, content, navigation etc.

How are we different

  • Thorough validation from user experience perspective
  • Tool and technology agnostic framework ensures our philosophy of Script Once and Executive Everywhere
  • Testlets for effective and efficient testing
  • Cost effective solution leveraging cloud

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