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Changing Dynamics of IT Services Industry calls for IP-Led and Automated Approaches to Ensure Better Quality

Testing_banner-1024x538Who said IT Services Industry is not exciting anymore?

As we have been witnessing, IT services industry is increasingly moving away from labor arbitrage models to innovation and automation driven, IP-led models that promise a hybrid approach to the way services companies can work.

This post is about celebrating these inflection points and describes how Cigniti is changing gears to accommodate the changing dynamics of digital economy which calls for increased focus on independent software testing.

Strategy shifts that Cigniti is adopting to stay relevant, change the rules of the game, and yet keep it exciting:

  • Cigniti is investing in ultra-niche micro vertical focused startups in areas that can significantly disrupt the existing offerings. The areas covered are Retail, Digital, Internet of Things, Analytics and Big Data, Mobile, Healthcare, Fintech, Augmented reality, Omni channel solutions etc.

Some other areas that are disrupting the overall IT services Industry space that Cigniti believes will create specific need for Independent software testing are:

  • FinTech and disruption in BFSI space –We have specific offerings in the area of BFSI for helping the world of financial services.
  • Digital is the future – One of the key areas of focus at Cigniti are Digital assurance offerings that are powering enterprises and ISVs.


Essentially independent software testing will play a very important role in ensuring businesses stay relevant in the digital economy by getting applications right the first time.

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