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Why do you need to build devops culture? and How?

Devops-Culture-cigniti-1024x536DevOps roadmap and strategy of an organization might face with high resistance from various stakeholders. In the current rapidly evolving landscape of tools, technologies, and processes, DevOps implementation faces a number of challenges. Before an organization moves towards adopting DevOps, it is better to get prepared for the cultural shift first.

Break the Old Habits

When an organization takes a decision to embrace DevOps, it’s very important to familiarize people with it.  It is essential to make them understand that development, testing, and operations and possibly other functions will work in collaboration with one another. They would not work in silos going forward, leaving the old style of software development and delivery behind. It requires revamping a company’s deployment process, its communication process, its organizational hierarchy, and the structure of various teams within, and even the roles of individuals in a team.

Bring in the Cultural Change and Appropriate Mindset

DevOps is intended to nurture cooperation and collaboration between different departments of an organization with a results-driven approach. In DevOps environment, the boundaries of roles and responsibilities of different teams become indistinct. The quality and delivery of a product or solution become common goals and responsibilities of all the stakeholders involved.

devops_cultureIf organizations do not bring in the cultural shift needed for Agile and DevOps practices, it is predicted by Gartner that more than half of IT departments will struggle with the new ways of running software development projects.

How to Achieve the Cultural Shift?

The cultural shift is fundamental to the success of DevOps implementation. Agile and DevOps movement will not and should not be implemented as an extensive and immediate change in the organization. It should instead be first implemented carefully, considering the organizational culture, in the areas where there is a significant business need for speed.

The Road Ahead

For an organization to achieve the cultural shift that enables DevOps implementation, it is necessary and helpful to approach an appropriate and reliable consulting and advisory services provider.

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