Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization Testing: The Challenges You Need To Overcome

Service-Virtualization-Testing-1024x538Service Virtualization is being quickly adopted by CIOs and IT teams of organizations that were reeling under constant pressure over budget allocations and other financial constraints.

As with any groundbreaking innovation in IT, service virtualization too came with its own breed of challenges that has to be diligently solved before becoming a mainstay in the software development life cycle.

Incompatibility of 3rd party components

There are 3rd party plugins which may not be as adaptable as the rest to a virtualization environment. Hence creating a virtual emulation environment for such components becomes a challenge.

Physical device requirement

Very often service virtualization testing raises the requirement for additional hardware resources for stimulating the actual production environment. To set up the actual production environment using virtual resources would require time consuming configurations on physical devices and could thus create overheads.

Conflict of operations

Virtualization systems often rely on heavily configured drivers in existing systems and these configurations could result in potential conflicts with tested equipment drivers.

Training requirements

Though service virtualization testing is a replication of the actual production environment, QA and testing teams require additional training on how to handle virtualization tools and procedures.

Virtualization helps to shorten the actual development cycle as bugs and faults get resolved much earlier. The benefits it has to offer outweigh the challenges it has to pose for organizations adopting them.

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