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Why Should an Organization Embrace Digital Assurance?


The critical priority for most of the organizations now is how to adapt to this digital transformation wave and add new services while ensuring their core functionalities are not adversely impacted. This has led to the emergence of the concept of Digital Assurance.

So, what exactly is Digital Assurance?

Digital Assurance is a set of quality assurance practices to ensure smooth interactions between various components of Digital Ecosystems encompassing interconnected people, processes and things cutting across the Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud stack.

Top 5 factors driving an organization to embrace Digital Assurance initiatives as part of their DNA:

  1. Digital is Complex
  2. Digital makes an organization vulnerable to Security Threats
  3. Digital needs to leverage your Legacy Infrastructure
  4. Digital can make or break your Customer Experience
  5. Digital demands Agility

It is important for any organization to not only adopt Digital Assurance practice, but also to choose a reliable service provider who can comprehensively address each dimension as captured above.

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